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Everyday EvangelismWhat would happen if you and I were living like Christ in today’s culture?  “Hundreds, even thousands of Christians take defective merchandise back to stores every day.  What would happen if in each case the store clerks and managers were treated with extraordinary kindness and understanding?  And this is just one small example of how Christians might take advantage of a common situation in contemporary culture to step into the lives of others with the love of Christ.” (Tom L. Eisenman, Everyday Evangelism)

You know, we’re not obligated to be angry when we return a product to the store or  show our frustration and be abusive to the person waiting on us.  But it’s more than that, according to Tom Eisenman.  It’s about being loving and full of grace, and if you’re like me, there are times when I can’t even readily identify what an act of grace would look like it these types of encounters.

With the number of interactions we each have in a world that needs to see Christ’s love, it’s pretty obvious that we have many opportunities to be salt and light and love to a needy world.  Are we?

What types of situations can you think of where Christians could be extraordinarily kind and understanding?  Did you interact with the someone in the world recently who could have benefited by you having that attitude?

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