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Take a Step Back

You want your friend to take that final step toward faith but they seem so far off and you wonder if it will ever happen.  What are you to do?  Think L.P.L.T. Michael Green, in his book, One to One, … Continue reading

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Ever Green’s – A New PM

“It is an awesome privilege to represent the living God.  And it is a compelling motive, too.”  Michael Green;  One to One Privilege; Motive; a new PM.  There are 175 PM’s according to one source, but we’ve added one more … Continue reading

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Simpson-ology: It’s Party Time

Almost everyone loves a party and the Bible is pretty clear what happens when someone far from God turns to him in faith and puts trust in Christ’s death for the forgiveness of their sins.  It’s party time for sure. … Continue reading

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Stott’s Thought – Christianity by Definition…

“Christianity by definition begins with the historical figure of Jesus Christ.  If God has spoken, his last and greatest word to the world is Jesus Christ.  If God has acted, his noblest act is the redemption of the world through … Continue reading

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Good Ol’ Joe’s – Don’t Blame Me

In a very real way, we are blameless before God because of Christ’s work on the cross and our faith in his death on our behalf.  But in a day to day practical way, “blamelessness is a verdict reached by … Continue reading

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Everyday Eisenman’s – Common Situations

What would happen if you and I were living like Christ in today’s culture?  “Hundreds, even thousands of Christians take defective merchandise back to stores every day.  What would happen if in each case the store clerks and managers were … Continue reading

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Little’s Bits – Heart-to-Heart Communications

“…it is our own personal involvement with others as individuals that deepens our understanding of them most significantly.  As we direct our witnessing to a person who we are learning to know and “feel for,” a mere presentation of head … Continue reading

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Boldly Barna – Our Role in Evangelism

Listen and listen closely…this has meant as much to me as nearly any other teaching on evangelism. “The evangelizer plays a role in the conversion process but will not be held accountable for the choice made by those who hear … Continue reading

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Quick Rick’s – Witnesses as Travel Guides

Why do we struggle with sharing our faith?  And perhaps more importantly, why don’t people we care about want to listen.  I think Rick Richardson, in his book, Reimagining Evangelism, may have an answer for us. “In the Scripture, the … Continue reading

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The Beneficial Belben – What Jesus Saw

It doesn’t take much to realize that Jesus saw people through hopeful eyes; just take a look at his choice for disciples.  According to Howard Belben, in The Mission of Jesus, “when we say that Jesus saw people as the … Continue reading

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