Ministry Partners

The work of evangelism is difficult from a human perspective and it is a burden we don’t have to carry ourselves.  We can benefit greatly by working with other like minded individuals and organizations.

Our Ministry Partners have an evangelistic component that can benefit other segments of the Christian community.  We highlight them all here and look for ways to promote their ministry in our discussions with God’s people.

If you would like an introduction to the local contact of an organization listed below, we would be happy to arrange it.

Forgiveness Ministries
International Students, Inc.
Stand for Truth

Forgiveness Ministries is dedicated to helping people develop a lifestyle of authentic, biblical forgiveness and to helping churches become better communities of forgiveness, and not just communities of the forgiven.  They work to help Christians…

  • Fully receive God’s forgiveness
  • Effectively forgive other people
  • Sincerely ask other people for forgiveness
  • Overcome self-condemnation, and
  • Create the best opportunities to restore broken relationships

In this way, they become emotionally healthy, are more able to love the people around them with the love of Jesus, and therefore better equipped to introduce Jesus to others.

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International Students, Inc. is an organization of Christian volunteers who seek friendships with international students at U.S. colleges and universities.

As friends, ISI volunteers and staff have opportunities to involve their students in American culture, help them with problems needing a native speaker, find an American Christian mentor in their academic discipline, and (if interested) move them toward a saving relationship with Christ.

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Stand for Truth is dedicated to equipping believers stand for the truth of the historic Christian faith, grow more intimate in their relationship with God, and lovingly and biblically engage the culture for Christ.

They utilize a six fold strategy to fulfill this purpose: Articles, Public Speaking / Seminars, Teaching Curriculums, Radio, Conferences and Newsletters.

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