Love is Real, Not Perfect

Too often, we think we need to be all shiny paper and fancy bows on the outside to have a chance to affect friends for Christ.  We’re afraid to let them see the plain brown paper we sometimes are.  In reality, our friends usually know when the outside wrapping is just for show.  What they want is for you and me to love them and be real

Here are three ways to let the real you, the one God is working on, shine through.

  1. Don’t hide your discouragement – Life is hard and ups and downs are expected.  Let them see you seek help through prayer or the wisdom of a more mature Christian.  Don’t be fake, they may have their hypocrisy radar on!
  2. Say, “I don’t know.” – If something has caused them to question God, stay away from pat, cliché answers.  Crying with them and admitting you still don’t understand everything either, is ok.
  3. Love them in their sin – We don’t get mad at infants when they fall while learning to walk.  Nor would we become angry with a blind friend, for stumbling over something in an unfamiliar room.  Well, sin for the person without Christ, is just as unavoidable.

It’s not easy to be real.  Remember though, our friends know what fake looks like.  They want and need your love, and if they get it, most will be willing to put up with your imperfections because  they will trust your intentions.

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