Helping People Hear the Gospel

Wouldn’t it be great if we could go to the store, purchase a six-pack of Living Water in the new 12 ounce size, pass them out to some friends who don’t have faith in Christ, and have them come to salvation when they take their first drink?

But of course, that isn’t God’s plan. The faith we so earnestly want our family and friends to receive “…comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ.” (Romans 10:17) Here are three ‘tools’ to help you share the only words that will bring eternal life to those you love.

How Can I Share My Faith Without Starting an Argument?

How Can I Break the Silence?

Both of these resources are provided by Our Daily Bread Ministries. You can open them or download either to keep in your library or share with another Christian.

Five by Five Method – Includes 5 facts people need to know (a very precise gospel presentation) and 5 promises of God that apply to any who become his children through faith in Christ.

This method comes from Bryan Findlayson, a retired minister of the Anglican Church in Australia. In his own words, Bryan is “a Conservative Evangelical believer of reformed persuasion who is committed to Anglican liturgical form and polity. In simple terms, I am one of the many Prayer Book Christians who rest on the amazing grace of God.”

Hearing the Message from Someone Else

The message must be heard and it must be the correct message but we don’t know anywhere in the Bible where it says that you are the only person who can share that message with your friends and family.  So don’t overlook Live Events or Home Based Efforts.

We Hope That’s Just the Beginning

If you know of another salvation outline, please feel free to contact us. Perhaps it will appear in a future post to help other believers communicate the message that is so important to them.

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