Home Based Efforts

When it comes to helping your friends and family hear the gospel, don’t overlook a place that can be very warm and inviting; your front room.  Turn your entertainment center into a place where the gospel can be heard and discussed.  Who knows… maybe God will grant a neighbor the gift of faith in front of your TV.  Here’s a list of some of the resources you could use

Billy Graham Television Specials
They regularly broadcast specials on major television networks.  So even if you can’t take your friend to a live event, the message of Christ can come to them.

World Wide Pictures
Another ministry of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, World Wide Pictures has produced many films that are fun to watch, and that include a clear presentation of the gospel.  Some of the titles can be purchased from the Billy Graham ministry or you can look for them somewhere else online.

We’ll keep our eyes and ears open for other resources you can use at home so your loved ones can hear the message that saves.   If you hear of something you think might work, we’d love to know about it.

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