Evangelism: A Post Engagement Process

In my last ‘Readables’ article, Evangelism: A Task of Importance, I shared that hearing about God’s gift of salvation through faith in Christ’s work on the cross is paramount to dealing with the lack of hope for the human soul after death. Today I’m going to look at an important step to consider before speaking up.

According to Tony Watkins‘ article, A Biblical Foundation for Engaging with Culture, “the further a worldview is from ours, the harder evangelism gets….If we want to reach a culture, we need to understand it. And to really understand it we need to enter into it in some way.”

Now he doesn’t mean becoming like those without Christ that we meet. In fact, when speaking about Daniel and some other Israelite’s, he points out that “they engaged with the culture but maintained their distinctiveness.” What he’s speaking of is something we can learn from the life of the Apostle Paul.

“He knew them well enough to engage with the ideas seriously, respectfully and yet critically. He understood the culture well enough to take his thoroughly Biblical message and express it in the thought forms, ideas and phrases that were part and parcel of that culture. He understood where his listeners were coming from well enough to move at least some from complete ignorance to faith.”

Steps You Can Take To Engage

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