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Who You’re Talking To

People can be such idiots…hard to talk to, difficult to care for, impossible to love…yet loving them is God’s great command to His children of faith. The author’s of Irresistible Evangelism, using a thought from C.S. Lewis’ book, “The Weight … Continue reading

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Set Down the Jackhammer

Hearts that don’t know our Savior may be hardened toward the God we love and the gospel that saved us but that doesn’t mean we should haul out the jackhammers or other destructive tools of communication that can make them cringe … Continue reading

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Do You Know Where They Live

“It may seem obvious, but even a great messenger can deliver mail only if he or she as an address that clearly identifies where the intended recipient lives.  So the challenge that precedes all effective evangelism is identifying the ‘spiritual … Continue reading

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Suggested Reading

Now, through the wonder of scientific calculations, you can know which books on evangelism are the best to read.  Ok, maybe that’s a gross overstatement, but our new rating methodology is pretty cool.  We call it the “Encouragement Factor Score.” … Continue reading

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