Starting an Evangelistic Prayer Life

A call to prayer can send the level of a Christian’s guilt meter soaring and if it’s specifically praying for those who don’t know Christ, the reading may go off the charts.

Although we may not be able to help you carve out three hours a day for communicating with the Father, we can give you some tips on how to start a regular time of evangelistic praying.  Before we do that though, you might want to look at some of the passages of Scripture which touch on this topic.

Jesus told the disciples to ask for helpers – Matthew 9:35-38

Paul asked for…

Here’s the Plan

Step #1 – Select an action that happens regularly in your life from the list below or choose one that’s personal to you and not on the list.

  • Brushing your teeth
  • Checking email
  • Going outside to pick up the paper
  • Starting the car
  • Sitting down to eat
  • Showering
  • Filling out your time card
  • Turning off the alarm
  • Driving past the neighbor’s house
  • Pouring a cup of coffee

Step #2 – Make a list of people you want God to save.

Step #3 – Post the list where you perform your selected action.

Step #4 – Spend a set amount of time in prayer for the people on your list, every time you finish the item you selected.

Result of Implementing the Plan

Assuming you complete an activity only twice a day and pray for just one minute each time, you’ll log 12 hours in the Throne Room of Grace in the next year.  That’s like having a one hour monthly prayer meeting to focus solely on those without Christ.  That’s meaningful!

And something else might happen.  God loves to soften our hearts when we pray.  So don’t be surprised if somewhere down the line you find yourself loving, in a deeper way than before, those who so desperately need the forgiveness of Christ.

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