No One is Beyond God’s Reach

The person you care for most in the world is not a lost cause to God; He can save them.  This article offers triple evidence in: perhaps the most famous Christian of all time; someone much closer than that to me; and an unimpeachable source.

A Vigilante (for God?) on the Road to Damascus

Hi.  My name is Saul and I like watching Christians get executed.  In fact, I recently was the main cheering section when some men in my town killed one of them; just grabbed the guy, pulled him into the street and beat him to death with rocks.  I even made sure no one took any of their coats while they were pounding away.  What a privilege that was.  (Acts 7:51 – 8:1 and 22:17-20)

Do any of your unsaved friends qualify as an equal to this Saul character? We suspect not and that’s good news for the one you love.

On the road to Damascus, while on a ‘seek and destroy’ mission against Christians, Saul was confronted by Christ.  The Christian killer was unable to stand up to the killed One and in a moment of time, with the very same power that God used to raise Christ from the dead and that exists in the gospel message today, Saul was changed from an enemy of God to a follower of Jesus.

Score: God 1 More – Satan 0.

While Saul’s conversion was important to me, he was not my own flesh and blood.  That’s where I wanted to see God’s power, and I did.

A Story Closer to Home

From age 13 until almost 22, our son displayed every negative behavior we could imagine; at least it seemed like that at the time.  His network of acquaintances included most of the local police department and many people in the legal profession.  There didn’t seem much we could do.

One day, out of desperation, I invited him to take a nice afternoon drive with me.  Soon after he was securely strapped in and the doors were welded shut, I launched into the classic, ‘ultra high decibel, in your face, you’re a disgrace, turn or burn, accept Jesus right now or you can walk home’ method of evangelism.  It didn’t work.

Another Damascus Experience

Then, in October 1994, our son received a special package from his creator when he least deserved it, just like Saul.  Like no other present he has ever received, this one contained the gift of a lifetime; faith.  The very same measure of faith that converted Saul to Paul was given to our son.  And like Saul, the changes in character were deep, striking, immediate and impossible to achieve on a human level.  It was a God thing.

A Final Powerful Word

You know about Saul’s conversion and I’ve told you about my sons.  Now, here’s the unimpeachable source for my final word about God’s power to save; the Bible.

The Bible doesn’t promise everyone we care for will be saved.  However, it does show us with great certainty that God is able to redeem anyone at anytime.  Paul wrote the Roman Christians these words concerning the message of the cross:  “I am not ashamed of the gospel because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes…” (Romans 1:16)

You might want to read Acts 8 & 9 again (Saul’s conversion story) and marvel at the ability of God to change lives.   Whatever you do, don’t give up hope.  The combination of the death of the living Word with the convicting word from the Spirit knows no rival in shear power.

We have his Word on it that no one is beyond His reach.  Not Saul, not my son, and not your closest friend or dearest loved one.  May we all rest in the knowledge of a Savior who hasn’t lost his ability to save.

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