Jump Starting Spiritual Conversations

We talk with our friends about many topics but often struggle with finding a way to introduce our spiritual beliefs.  Well here’s an idea that might help.

Find an informational web site about Christianity.  As you read the articles, think about a friend or family member who might be willing to take a look at it and introduce them to the site.  After a few days ask the natural follow up question – ‘So, what did you think?’

Just that simply, you just might find yourself in a discussion about spiritual issues, one God might use to move them toward Christ.  If you should get stuck on a question they have, turn to our own Eddie E. for help.  He’ll freely give as much advice as he has.

Here are some suggested sites you might try.

Answers to Life’s Greatest Questions – A clear presentation of what accepting Christ means, individually geared toward men and women and specific age groups.

Exploring Christianity – Articles explaining basic Christian concepts and Christian perspectives on modern issues.

TheGoal.com – News and articles on sports with Christian information and testimonies by athletes.

Power to Change – A ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ in Canada dealing with the ‘Power to Change.’  In other words, does Christianity work.

Runaway World – A work of cultural apologetics by Michael Green.

His Grace Creations – Our sister site, sort of like an information booth at a spiritual rest stop on life’s faith highway.  We do our best to provide thoughtful answers to  questions so people can get back on the roadway and continue their spiritual journey.

One particular section at His Grace Creations to look at is Corridors.  There you’ll find links to a number of sites (including many of those above) grouped together to appeal to people with varying degrees of interest in Christianity.

Tips for Effective Spiritual Conversations

  • Trust God for the outcome.  You can start that process by praying and then keep on praying.
  • Don’t think you have to know all the answers.  The phrase, “I don’t know” shows honesty and humility; traits in a Christian quite refreshing to many who don’t know the Savior.
  • Stay away from arguing or trying to prove your point.  Remember it is the Spirit that brings people to a place where they will believe and trust.
  • Focus on understanding.  If you know they have understood what you are trying to communicate, you’ve done the job God wants.

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