Special Seasonal Articles

It’s always one season or another and Share the Savior wants to take advantage of that by offering seasonal articles which share the gospel.   We’re starting with Christmas – The Best Christmas Presence Ever – and Easter – The Easter Puzzle.  Check out the one that’s coming up next and then consider the following suggestions on who you could you share it with?

  1. People who are interested:  Each story is on a Facebook page so you could share it with all your friends on your timeline but we don’t recommend it.  Instead, ask the Father which of your friends and loved ones are ready to listen.  Then consider sending them a personal message on Facebook or maybe even talking to them in person.
  2. People who are interested:  You could send an email to everyone in your address book with a link to the article, but we don’t recommend it.  Why not do something radical and think about the spiritual conversations you’ve had with friends or loved ones.  You could get a clue that way who to share this article with.

If you come up with just one or two names, that’s alright.  It’s a place to start and there’s nothing wrong with only inviting a couple of people.  And if you can’t honestly think of anyone to invite, try asking God to show you the spiritual interest in those you care about.  But be careful, he just might answer your prayer.

NOTE: We want to hear from you too.  Please consider telling us how you used The Best Christmas Presence Ever and The Easter Puzzle in your evangelism efforts.  Who knows, perhaps what you share will be used by God to move a brother or sister in Christ to try something they wouldn’t have otherwise tried.

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