Glossaries of Christian Slang

You and I don’t know everything there is to know.  Sometimes, we need the help of others to communicate the message of salvation as clearly as we should.  We’ve found the following online glossaries of Christianese to help and are always looking for more.  Leave us a message of you know of a site we should consider adding.

  • Concise Christian Dictionary of Terminology – Dean and Laura VanDruff from San Jose have compiled a good list of definitions and supporting Scripture passages.
  • Daniel Bartsch’s personal web site is designed to “give an easy-to-understand explanation of what the Bible says we all must do to avoid the just punishment of God” and includes a glossary of Christianese.
  • Love of God has an extensive list of definitions that may help you sharpen your communications skills.
  • Unlearning the Lingo is one of the resources from OnMission (one of our Ministry Partners), a publication of the North American Mission Board.
  • There’s a new book on the horizon, The Dictionary of Christianese.  Tim Stewart, the author, has already started posting some definitions online that will eventually make their way into the book.

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