Grace Reminders

Grace Reminders are ways of remembering how God has changed our thoughts and behaviors since becoming Christians.  For instance, if you struggled with depression prior to receiving faith in Christ, you could select, ‘Sad-is-Gone’ as a website sign-on.  Every time you logged onto the site, your log-in name could prompt a short prayer of thanks for the change God made in your life.

Remembering his grace has another benefit.  Just like buying a red car causes us to see red cars everywhere, Grace Reminders can help us notice non-Christians acting the way we lived before Christ saved us.  This ’relational resemblance’, coupled with the empathy of Christian love, can give us opportunities to introduce a spiritual solution to their problem; the forgiveness found in Christ.

Let’s say you’re praising God regularly for a change he’s made, or is making, in your life, and God enables you to see a friend with the same struggle.  As your friendship develops, it would not be out of place to comment, with compassion, on the similarity you see between their current struggle, and the way you used to live.

If they are ready for change in their life, it’s likely they’ll ‘hear’ what you’re saying, and wonder, hopefully out loud, what caused the change in your life.  When they do, you can briefly share your testimony.

This is a precious time in a friendship.  By demonstrating an interest, they have likely revealed their desire for change.  When you tell them the solution in your life was a spiritual one, and they are not against hearing more, it’s a pretty good bet that they’re willing to consider an answer to their problem that involves God.

Check out our current list of Grace Reminders and considering selecting one or more for yourself!

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