Workshops and Presentations

Our workshops and presentations are primarily designed for one of three groups of people: Pastors and ministry leaders (PM), church attendees – primarily Christians (CP); and the Unconvinced – those without faith in Christ (UN).

Ministering to the Silent (PM)
Leaders learn how to identify people with an interest in the gospel among those who don’t respond to the invitation at an evangelistic event. The method used also provides opportunities for the church to offer them next steps toward the Savior. A plan for your next outreach is developed during the seminar and we provide a free follow up evaluation of that event when it’s held. (Learn more)

Christianese: Communicating Confusion – (CP)
Participants will be able to identify Christianese, understand the importance of limiting its use in communicating the gospel, recognize their own use of Christianese and implement a plan to move toward greater clarity in sharing their faith.

Love, the Misplaced Motive for Evangelism – (CP)
This seminar demonstrates that love is a primary biblically motive for evangelism and that true love for people and obedience toward God in this area improves our effectiveness sharing the gospel. Participants will be challenged toward a more loving lifestyle and therefore a greater evangelistic impact with friends and family.

Using Your Testimony to Uncover Spiritual Interest (CP)
Participants gain an understanding of exactly what saved them, where their life was taking them before Christ and how God has begun to change them into the image of His Son. They then receive some simple techniques and questions to utilize with friends that uncover interest in being changed by the power of God.

Three Methods of Sharing the Gospel (CP)
Description: The gospel message is explained and then the participants hear and practice three methods of sharing it with their unconvinced friends. (Do vs. Done, Romans Road, and Sharing Jesus Without an Argument).

Who is My Neighbor – (CP, UN)
Description: Using the good Samaritan passage in Luke 10, Christians are exposed to the practice of discerning a person’s spiritual position through offering them help and asking a few simple questions. The Unconvinced are provided a picture of Christian love, shown how it was received through faith in Christ’s work on the cross, and given an opportunity to receive that same love for the forgiveness of their sins.

More Information
Some of these workshops can be delivered as a sermon or expanded to a 1-4 hour seminar.  Several of the sessions work well together and can be used for the basis of a day long or weekend retreat.  Contact us to find out other ways these presentations can minister to your church.

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