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From the moment you were born, you started breathing.  That’s natural and comes with the territory of being human.  When you became a Christian, however, not everything was like that.  Some things had to be learned, and for many believers, one of those is how to evangelize.

That’s one reason Jesus may have initiated the gift of evangelism.  (Ephesians 4:11-12)  He knew we needed to be prepared for the work of sharing our faith, and the evangelist would be one well suited for that task.  That’s the role Share the Savior takes, and the free resources below, in addition to this site, are all designed to enable individual Christian’s to better communicate their faith to friends and family.

Share the Savior on Facebook
Follow us on Facebook, and you’ll find we’re not just another pretty face. We regularly post short ‘Encouragement Efforts’ to spur Christians on toward love and the good deed of evangelism.  And you’ll also hear when we have special training events coming up.

Nothing Forced
Though written primarily for people who haven’t trusted Christ yet for their salvation, the posts on Nothing Forced can give you new insights into how others think and how to come along side them on their spiritual journey.  There’s also a corresponding Facebook page you might want to peruse.

Recorded Workshops
BASS has posted workshops from their conferences online, which means our seminars are available. You can listen to them online or download them.

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