Church in a Search Prayer Team

Sorry, but the Church in a Search Prayer Team, our team of people praying for churches searching for a Pastor of Evangelism, Missions, or Outreach, has knelt before the King of Kings, probably, for the last time.

What Comes Now?

If you hear of a church in a search (for a Pastor of Evangelism, Missions, or Outreach), you might consider praying for them and even letting them know you’re supporting them in that way.  Hiring the right person in this area is a huge deal and from past experience, I can tell you that many churches are appreciative of prayer support.  And just imagine…the church you pray for today could hire a pastor who will help equip the Christians in that church to reach out to their community.  As  each member renews their commitment to share their faith with a friend, they’ll embark on a most wonderful mission, one that just might take them with the gospel, to someone you love.


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