Walk Through That Door

Can sharing the gospel really be as easy as explaining how to walk through a door?  In the middle of my talk at a church recently, I walked out of the building after making the statement that sharing our faith is easy.  I returned in a matter of seconds with an analogy to demonstrate how simple giving the gospel can be.  Here’s the gist of what I shared.

By the simple process of walking outside and returning, I have become a ‘door walker througher.’  If you’ve never done that and would like to, please see me after the service and I’ll show you exactly how it’s done.  I may not be able to explain how the door is hung, or the manufacturing details of a door, or even which type of door is best, but I can show you how to open one and walk through it.

The Door to Faith

The Bible tells us our salvation is through the grace of God and is received by faith, which is His gift to us.  So like the door in my story, if you’ve entered into Christ by faith, after realizing that you’re sins were keeping you locked out of a relationship with God, you can share that.  Will you be able to answer every question of doctrine that someone raises?  No! And that’s ok.

Your task is not to explain the intricacies of the deep doctrines of our faith.  It is to show them the door you walked through.  The only doctrine a person needs to know and believe for salvation, is Christ’s death on the cross and resurrection makes them righteous in God’s eyes if they have biblical faith that it does.

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