Why Can’t They Rejoice?

Happy Easter!  Our hearts are over flowing with joy because we’re convinced our Savior has indeed risen from the dead and our faith in this gives us life eternal with our Father.

In the midst of this rejoicing, while desperately wanting our family and friends to believe, we all too often find fault with them for their failure to embrace the God we love.  You’ve heard this before directed toward a non-believer;  “The truth about Christ is so obvious, why can’t you just accept it?”

How easy it is for us to forget that our faith in Christ’s death and resurrection did not come only through a careful and thoughtful study of the biblical text but rather via the gift of faith.  We too were full of doubt, and yet when God enabled us to believe the uncertainty suddenly gave way to a sureness beyond comprehension.

Have patience with your friend or loved one who still seems far from the Father.  They may be closer than you think to receiving God’s wonderful gift of faith.

Study the Bible’s definition of faith

Read again how faith becomes ours

Explore The Easter Puzzle (what Easter might look like to someone without faith)

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