Good News Clues: Imaginary God – Part I

As part of Share the Savior‘s outreach, we post ‘ads’ on Craigslist to promote spiritual discussions.  Good News Clues is our blog series to help us all uncover some clues about how to share the gospel with friends and family.  How does it work?

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Date: 07-23-2011, 9:53PM PDT

Free Book: How Good is Good Enough?

“How Good is Good Enough?” by Andy Stanley, evaluates a popular theory about heaven — good people get to go — and explains what he thinks is wrong with it. If you think being good is good enough and would be interested in hearing what he has to say, contact me and I’ll mail you a copy of the book.

Scott McIntyre

This free book offer is presented by Share the Savior, a non-profit organization formed to offer a message, which we consider one of hope, to people who don’t embrace the Christian faith, and prepare Christians to know when and how to do the same.


Date: 08-07-2011, 3:45PM PDT

It is unfortunate that Yahweh/Jehovah/Jesus/God is imaginary, otherwise that booklet might be important.

The good thing is that his followers don’t follow ALL of the Bible, just the nice parts.


How would you respond to this reply?


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