Heaven: Like a Vacation only Better

I thought of 10 reasons why heaven for a Christian is like a great vacation for a weary worker.  See what you think.

  1. It’s something to joyfully anticipate.
  2. You can get to a point where you know for sure you’re going.
  3. When you reach that point, it makes the anticipation greater.
  4. We expect life to be better when we’re there.
  5. We won’t be disappointed when we go.
  6. The expectation of something better helps us forget today’s problems.
  7. The greater the expectation, the longer we can go in our current situation.
  8. It gives us something exciting to share with others.
  9. Some people who hear about it will want to make the trip themselves.
  10. We can help them get to the same destination.

Just as our friends may sense our excitement about a long awaited vacation, our anticipation of a future in Christ might begin to seep out where they can see it.  And then it’s only natural to share what we’re excited about.

May our joy and hope in the blessings of God through Christ, make us exciting to be around.

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