Retribution and Rejection: Gone for Good

We Know Which We Want for Our Friends

To get a sense of the power behind sharing the gospel, think of these two areas of life that are guaranteed to befall those who leave this earth without Christ…Retribution and Rejection.

There truly will be hell to pay for those family members and friends of ours who never receive the gift of faith from their creator. An eternal punishment for their life, no matter how good, which did not match the perfection of Christ, and a forever separation from the one who created them…Retribution and Rejection…not anything to look forward to.

But there’s hope for them and it could be found through the words we speak to them. God is the one who saves, so we never need to feel bad if our good efforts to share our faith don’t result in a changed heart. But He can use our love and communication to draw someone toward and into the heart of God.

John Blanchard, in his book, Right With God, paints us a beautiful picture of what it can look like if our Father takes our words and uses them to draw someone to salvation in Christ. “In the matter of our punishment, God looks on the death of Christ and says ‘It is sufficient’; in the matter of our acceptance, God looks on the obedience of Christ and says ‘I am satisfied’. As a result, the sinner is not only spared the punishment but is brought into fellowship with God.”

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