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Ministry Partner: Stand for Truth

Stand for Truth equips believers to stand for the truth of the historic Christian faith, grow more intimate in their relationship with God, and lovingly and biblically engage the culture for Christ. They utilize a sixfold strategy to fulfill this … Continue reading

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Speaking of Jesus: the art of not-evangelism

Just finished reading Speaking of Jesus by Carl Medearis and would recommend it, if you promise not to get mad at me if you end up mad at what Carl wrote.  It’s a challenging book and I would like to … Continue reading

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Readables Triple Play

Today we’ve got three articles for you and we want your opinion about the best one.  Will the winner be… Ten Ideas for Everyday Outreach; by Dana Wilkerson on on Building Church No More “One Size Fits All” Outreach; … Continue reading

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Hypocrisy Radar

When people point their hypocrisy radar at God, they’ll never get a reading. What happens when they turn and direct their radar at Christians in general? More importantly, what type of a reading will they get if their radar points … Continue reading

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Ever Green’s – Last Wishes

At the end of his life on earth, Jesus “…commissioned his followers to continue the job of proclaiming the good news and calling on people to respond. The last wishes of a dear friend are a sacred trust, are they … Continue reading

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Where There’s Supposed to be Power

Trying to evangelize without God’s power unleashed through prayer, is like an expensive, nice looking electrical outlet with no current running to it.  I know it’s worthless to plug my cell phone charger into that outlet, and therefore won’t do … Continue reading

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Drama on Craigslist – Part II

In a recent post, I started a story of someone who didn’t care much for Jesus or my attempts at evangelism.  In fact, I learned exactly where they stood, when they told me, “Jesus is a myth, just like the … Continue reading

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Support Shorts

We need prayer! I saw the elderly man walking.  Well, maybe walking doesn’t accurately describe what he was doing.  His feet, shuffling slowly toward their goal, were nearly incapable of moving forward on his limited strength.  Later, I realized he … Continue reading

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CMTA Impact Convention – April 19-20, 2013

CMTA was founded in 1951 as the Greater Los Angeles Sunday School Association (GLASS) with the first convention held in 1952.  This is the 61st annual convention. Have you been before?  How did you like it?  What did you learn? … Continue reading

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In the Nick of Time

Sometimes, you don’t have all the time in the world to share the gospel. Lee Strobel came to realize that fact regarding his father-in-law.  Read what he learned and see how it might affect someone you love! Check out more … Continue reading

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