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Message for the Ages

Jesus Saves!  Has any other message in recorded history been more important to deliver?  Certainly not the word’s called out on Paul Revere’s ride or the eloquent speech by President Lincoln in his emancipation proclamation. The profound truth that in … Continue reading

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Drama on Craigslist

One Easter, I posted an article online sharing the Christian message of the holiday, and placed ‘ads’ on Craigslist encouraging people to read it.  Here’s the text from one of those ads. Do you think Jesus and the Easter Bunny … Continue reading

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Good News Clues: Imaginary God – Part I

As part of Share the Savior‘s outreach, we post ‘ads’ on Craigslist to promote spiritual discussions.  Good News Clues is our blog series to help us all uncover some clues about how to share the gospel with friends and family.  … Continue reading

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Be an Answer to Prayer

Jesus, following God’s plan to perfection, told the first disciples to pray for harvest workers.   Every time we share the gospel, we’re an answer to their prayer!

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Who Needs this Jesus?

Think about the Jesus we love for a moment. He strolled on storm tossed waters; fed 5,000 with insignificant provisions; and reduced demons to whimpering spirit beings.  Does someone you love need Him?

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