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It’s Time for Your Review

Here’s a simple way to practice sharing your faith, and learn how to be more effective at the same time. It will help you minimize Christianese (expressions spoken and understood only by other Christians) in your spiritual conversations. Scribe It: … Continue reading

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Be an Answer to Prayer

Jesus, following God’s plan to perfection, told the first disciples to pray for harvest workers.   Every time we share the gospel, we’re an answer to their prayer!

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The Right Tools for the Task – Part 2

Do you know anyone who doesn’t watch, read about, or participate in sports?  Probably not, because according to Rodger Oswald,  who founded Church Sports International (CSI),  98% of Americans do so at least once a month.  That means nearly 100% … Continue reading

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Our Role in Evangelism

You’ve just shared the most precious message your friend could hear. Deeply convinced of the reality of heaven and hell, and equally sure of everyone’s status before God on their own merits, you’ve carefully explained the truth of the gospel … Continue reading

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