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Walk Through That Door

Can sharing the gospel really be as easy as explaining how to walk through a door?  In the middle of my talk at a church recently, I walked out of the building after making the statement that sharing our faith is … Continue reading

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A Christmas Wish

When the last present has been opened, the Christmas meal completed, and friends and family have gone home, we’ll still have Jesus.  Wouldn’t it be great if someone you love, who needs Him, could receive the best Christmas Presence ever? … Continue reading

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Who Do You Trust?

You’re not at the same place spiritually as anyone else, and although God knows where that place is, we don’t.  So, we’re trusting him to convey the piece of wisdom he wants you to have regarding how to share your … Continue reading

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It’s Time for Your Review

Here’s a simple way to practice sharing your faith, and learn how to be more effective at the same time. It will help you minimize Christianese (expressions spoken and understood only by other Christians) in your spiritual conversations. Scribe It: … Continue reading

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