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Walk Through That Door

Can sharing the gospel really be as easy as explaining how to walk through a door?  In the middle of my talk at a church recently, I walked out of the building after making the statement that sharing our faith is … Continue reading

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Message for the Ages

Jesus Saves!  Has any other message in recorded history been more important to deliver?  Certainly not the word’s called out on Paul Revere’s ride or the eloquent speech by President Lincoln in his emancipation proclamation. The profound truth that in … Continue reading

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Simpson-ology – Evangelism is for YOU

“Evangelism isn’t just important for the non-Christian; it’s important for YOU.  Sharing the gift of God’s love with someone else should be the most exciting and encouraging event in your life, every time it happens.”  Michael Simpson; Permission Evangelism It’s … Continue reading

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How to Be Clear for Christ – Part 2

In part one of this two-part series, we outlined three ingredients that can help make us clearer when sharing the gospel. Prayer – Paul was referring to the gospel when he asked Christians to “Pray that I may proclaim it … Continue reading

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It’s Time for Your Review

Here’s a simple way to practice sharing your faith, and learn how to be more effective at the same time. It will help you minimize Christianese (expressions spoken and understood only by other Christians) in your spiritual conversations. Scribe It: … Continue reading

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