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Salt Shaker’s – Selling or Loving

“I believe that much of our evangelism is ineffective because we depend too much upon technique and strategy. Evangelism has slipped into the sales department. I am convinced that we must look at Jesus, and the quality of life he … Continue reading

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New Kid on the Block

Step aside duck and cover.  There’s a new practice in town; stop and talk.  Duck and cover was a phrase, popular in the 1950s, to describe the immediate actions necessary to protect yourself in the event of a nuclear explosion.  Stop … Continue reading

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Can We Afford to be Real?

We can think we need to be all shiny paper and fancy bows on the outside to have a chance to affect friends for Christ. In reality, our friends usually know when the outside wrapping is just for show. What … Continue reading

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The Filter of Scripture

Do you have a deepening love for people who dislike God?  This is critical to the evangelism efforts of Christians. Without love, the best evangelism efforts are like the sound of alley cats fighting for garbage can rights. I encourage … Continue reading

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Helping Friends Past Spiritual Roadblocks

What if your friend seems to have come to a roadblock on their spiritual journey? They may tell you they don’t want to continue discussing your faith, or even get angry when you attempt to mention anything about Jesus. What … Continue reading

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