Support Shorts: Look Who’s on Facebook

That’s right…Share the Savior is on Facebook, but not just once.  We have two pages with more in the works.  Here’s the rundown…

  1. Share the Savior – Our ministry’s primary page on Facebook is designed to be an encouraging and equipping tool for Christians.
  2. Your Free Book and More - This page exists to provide free resources explaining the gospel to people who don’t consider themselves Christians, and to engage in dialogue with anyone investigating the Christian faith.

Each of these three pages has one thing in common when it comes to supporting us…they  don’t necessarily cost any money.  ‘Liking’ these pages on Facebook, sharing them with friends, and leaving comments on the posts that interest you are all wonderful ways of supporting us because they tell other people about our ministry.

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Simpson-ology: It’s Party Time

Almost everyone loves a party and the Bible is pretty clear what happens when someone far from God turns to him in faith and puts trust in Christ’s death for the forgiveness of their sins.  It’s party time for sure.

Just like a shepherd in the days of Christ would search for one lost sheep and rejoice when it was found, Jesus said that “…there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.” Luke 15:1-7

I think Michael Simpson in Permission Evangelism sums it up very nicely when he says,  “If all of heaven rejoices at the salvation of one soul, shouldn’t we want to join the party?”

Read a summary of Permission Evangelism

Check out the book’s standing on our Suggested Reading List

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Spiritual Gravity of Sin

Power of Man

Power of Man

“With his vast scientific and technological know-how, man can break out of earth’s gravity and reach the moon, yet he cannot in his own strength break out of the spiritual gravity of his sinful nature, and get in touch and tune with God.” John Blanchard, “Right with God”.

The wisest, richest, kindest man or woman in world can no more break free of sin than a rocket can lift off without huge powerful engines.  How exciting it is to realize that God has chosen us to proclaim the only message with the power to release mankind from the pull of sin; the Gospel.

Find ways to share the gospel

Read another Encouragement Effort

Ask us a question

Join the Discussion: How have you seen God’s power at work drawing someone toward faith in Christ?

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Message for the Ages

Cross on a HillJesus Saves!  Has any other message in recorded history been more important to deliver?  Certainly not the word’s called out on Paul Revere’s ride or the eloquent speech by President Lincoln in his emancipation proclamation.

The profound truth that in the person and work of Jesus, God has met man’s greatest need; the one way to be justified, redeemed, reconciled to God, forgiven, and accepted eternally by the Father; stands above all other messages throughout time.  And you and I have the privilege of communicating it to a dying world.

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On Target Evangelism Conference – Feb. 17-18, 2014

OnTarget ConferenceIt’s not too early to plan for the 2014 On Target Evangelism Conference: Seek & Save.  This February, from the 17th to 18th, believers will be gathering at the Torrance South Bay Marriot to hear featured speakers Miles McPherson and David Nasser, and be led in worship by the Travis Ryan band.

Have you ever attended an evangelism conference?

Visit On Target for more information

Watch a video of the 2013 Conference


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I’ve Got the Keys

Car KeysWe know that the car keys are a young person’s ticket to freedom and all kids know how to ask for them.  But how do we get the keys to reaching a city for Christ?  Interestingly, Chris Walker, a friend and co-laborer in the ministry of evangelism, has given us his 2 Keys to Reaching a City for Christ, which seeks to answer that question.

You’ll find that it’s focus is on our personal sharing as much as it is about church-wide efforts.  So what are you waiting for?  Get on over and read the article I just recommended or visit his website to see what else he has available to help you share your faith more effectively.

Find other articles I recommend

Get in touch with a question

Live dangerously and let me send you someplace else.

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Stott’s Thought – Christianity by Definition…

“Christianity by definition begins with the historical figure of Jesus Christ.  If God has spoken, his last and greatest word to the world is Jesus Christ.  If God has acted, his noblest act is the redemption of the world through Jesus Christ.” John Stott – Basic Christianity

I think God has spoken and acted.  He has said and done something beyond our human comprehension.  The gospel we share with our friends and families is less an invitation than it is a declaration.  God declares for all the world that in Christ, he has done for the world what we could never have accomplished on our own.   That is the message we are charged with sharing and blessed for being chosen to convey.

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Discouragement Isn’t Dead…Yet

No Christian is immune from discouragement. If you don’t believe Discouragementme, just read this biographical note from Paul, the Apostle. Maybe that’s one of the reasons God clearly commanded His people to “consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.” (Hebrews 10:24)

We hope these short ‘encouragement efforts’ spur you on toward the good deed of evangelism, with a heart of love.

  • God did not really need our help rescuing people from their sin. He knew Jesus, the Slain Lamb, would fully pay their penalty and the Holy Spirit would convict them of their need for Christ. Yet he deliberately allowed the early followers of Jesus the privilege of laboring with him in the harvest field. It is an honor we still have today.
  • You’ve just shared the most precious message your friend could hear. Deeply convinced of the reality of heaven and hell, and equally sure of everyone’s status before God on their own merits, you’ve carefully explained the truth of the gospel. Congratulations! You’ve done what God wants…the rest is up to Him.
  • Jesus, following God’s plan to perfection, told the first disciples to pray for harvest workers. Every time we share the gospel, we’re an answer to their prayer.

Need More Encouragement?

Ready to jump in?

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Power First, Knowledge Second

The value of evangelism tools can’t be overemphasized but there’s something even more important says Floyd McElveen, in “Unashamed – A Burning Passion to Share the Gospel.  “…the key issue isn’t this method or that method, this technique or that technique.  The key is to begin and to persevere, in the power of the Holy Spirit.”

If you’ve got the power, here are some tools

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Ministry Partners: Forgiveness Ministries

Forgiveness Ministries is dedicated to helping people develop a lifestyle of authentic, biblical forgiveness, and helping churches become better communities of forgiveness and not just communities of the forgiven.

 How They Can Help with Evangelism

By hosting one of their Forgiveness Seminars, a church can

  • Enable their members to move toward greater emotionally and spiritual wholeness. The healthier a Christian is, the more they are able to love the people around them with the love of Jesus.
  • Expose the unconvinced in the church to the message of Christ’s forgiveness, since that’s where the most complete human forgiveness starts.

And, if you or someone you know would like to major in the forgiving behavior of our Savior, don’t wait for your church to schedule a Forgiveness Seminar. Visit their website and find out when one will be held near you.

For more information about Forgiveness Ministries, you may also contact the founder, Steve Diehl.

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