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Welcome!  This section of our site has been prepared for people who haven’t accepted the Christian faith.  We’re glad you’re here.

What does a Christian do when they believe a friend or family member is in serious spiritual trouble because they don’t have the right kind of relationship with God?  Sometimes they act like me.

From age 13 until almost 22, our son (now much older) displayed every negative behavior we could imagine; at least it seemed like that at the time.  His network of acquaintances included most of the local police department and many people in the legal profession.  There didn’t seem much we could do.

One day, out of desperation, I invited him to take a nice afternoon drive with me.  Soon after he was securely strapped in and the doors were welded shut, I launched into the classic, ‘ultra high decibel, in your face, you’re a disgrace, turn or burn, accept Jesus right now or you can walk home’ method of evangelism.  It didn’t work.

Our Organization’s Purpose

We don’t think God wants people treated the way I handled my son, and our goal is to help Christians learn a better way.

We do think we’re supposed to communicate our faith, and unfortunately many Christians don’t have the people skills necessary to share respectfully.  In fact, many of us say the wrong thing, at the wrong time, in the wrong way; just ask my son.

This Section’s Goal

The resources below are designed to promote respectful interaction with people who don’t share our beliefs.  We hope you find them interesting.

His Grace Creations

Before Share the Savior was founded, I started a website for people with questions about Christianity and no place they felt comfortable asking them.  You can visit the home page here.  There are articles on various aspects of the Christian faith and I hope you’ll find a section that fits you.

Here are some other options from that site…

  • Do you love engaging in long talks with friends?  Get acquainted with us at The Relational Place.
  • Do you enjoy discussions and debates on difficult questions?  Probe intently at Examplanations.
  • Do you like hearing about others’ experiences?  Reflect deeply at Listening Hearts.
  • Do you like to be direct and confront issues head on?  Go straight to our Spiritual Challenge.


Some people run down the hallways of life, enjoying one experience after another.  Others might as well be locked in a closet for all the joy they get out of their existence. Truly, the paths we take are as different as we are. Many would agree, however, that there is a spiritual component to life and that’s what Corridors is about.

Corridors are online resources for people with varying degrees of interest (or disinterest) toward the Christian faith.  You can request Corridors by email or visit Corridors at His Grace Creations.

Meetup Group – Bay Area Safe Harbor

If you live in the San Francisco Bay area or know someone who does, feel free to check us out.  We aim to be a safe place where people can explore, question, evaluate, and experience the Christian faith, rather than trying to dictate the direction of your spiritual journey.

Final Word (for now)

Remember our goal is to treat people respectfully and teach other Christians to do the same.  If you see something in these pages or on His Grace Creations that doesn’t sound respectful to you, please let me know.  We don’t have to agree or accept each other’s beliefs but a lack of respect doesn’t display the love we think God wants us to have for all mankind.

Scott McIntyre
Founder, Share the Savior

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