Ways to Support Us

Support is so much more than making a cash donation. That’s one of the reasons only 1 of the 9 ideas listed below (marked by ‘$’) requires a direct financial contribution to Share the Savior. We think anything that encourages or enables us to minister is a wonderful way of supporting us.

Asking God to meet our needs
Buying something online
Creating a partnership
Donating your time
Executing an online search
Feeding yourself spiritually
Giving financially $
Hosting a support event
Influencing what others think about us

If one of the support suggestions above work for you, we’d like to show our appreciation by offering you a Thank You gift!

Ask God to Meet Our Needs

We are looking for Christian men and women who pray diligently and with faith, to help support this ministry through prayer. Our process for this volunteer work is very simple. Christians who partner with us in prayer will receive, on a regular basis, the needs of the ministry. We’ll also include how God has answered the petitions taken to him on our behalf. If this sounds like the kind of help you’d like to offer Share the Savior, please sign up below.

Become a Prayer Partner

Before making up your mind about supporting us in this way, you can read one of our recent Prayer Partner Newsletters to get an idea of what our Prayer Partners receive.

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Buy Something Online

We don’t want you to consider buying something online just to support Share the Savior. But if you do shop online, here’s a few options to consider that will pay us when you make a purchase, and not cost you a dime extra.

GoodShop: The next time you plan on purchasing something online, try going to GoodShop first. Look for the store you want to shop at, then follow the link to the store and shop like normal. We’ll get a percentage of your total purchase but you won’t pay more than normal.

Other Affiliate Relationships

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Creating a Partnership

When you trust us enough to let us interact with a friend, who is not convinced about Christ, a gospel partnership is formed. That partnership can be a win-win situation for all concerned.

You may learn something from us that will help with your future evangelism efforts. God may use the partnership to move the loved one toward Christ, and Share the Savior benefits because we’re given an opportunity to advance our mission.

Here are a two ways this partnership can form:

  1. Introduce them to our sister site – It’s designed to get people thinking and asking questions about the Christian faith. Visit it yourself, see if one of the articles might be of interest to a friend, and then tell them about it. The logical follow-up, is to ask them what they thought about it. Just that easily, the ‘partnership’ has introduced a spiritual discussion into your relationship.
  2. Introduce us personally – Maybe they’ve stumped you with a question. Ask if they’d mind an introduction to someone who might be able to answer it…us! We could all chat via email, get together for coffee, or speak on the phone.
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Donate Your Time

Time is precious. Talent is personal. Together, they portray a critically important gift to this ministry; the volunteer.

We just concluded a successful search for a volunteer to head up our Human Resource department and will soon be looking for volunteers in several areas.  If you might be interested in supporting our ministry with your time, feel free to get in touch.

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Execute an Online Search

What if you could raise money for Share the Savior by doing something people do every day — searching the Internet? You can!

GoodSearch is a search engine, powered by Yahoo, which donates 50-percent of its revenue to the non-profit designated by its users. You use GoodSearch exactly as you would any other search engine. The money they donate to Share the Savior comes from their advertisers — it doesn’t cost you or us a dime!

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Feed Yourself Spiritually

Subscribe to The Eleven 12 Project – Whenever we publish something new to our blog, you’ll receive it right away.  There will be articles to encourage evangelism efforts, training tools for sharing the gospel, information about upcoming Christian conferences promoting spiritual growth, Ministry Partners that can assist in the equipping, and much more.

Follow Us on Facebook – You’ll find we’re not just another pretty face. We regularly post short ‘Encouragement Efforts’ and ‘Character Challenges’ to spur Christians on toward love and the good deed of evangelism.  And you’ll also hear when we have special training events coming up.

Join Our LinkedIn Group – Want to be more effective sharing your faith? God can do that! And we’re excited to help. Here’s just some of what you might receive by being part of our social networking group

  • Wisdom from a discussion that originates there
  • Solutions from the community to a question you ask
  • Encouragement from a member’s evangelistic experience
  • Training from a resource that’s listed
  • Insights from online articles that are posted in the News section

Read a Good Book – Utilize the wisdom God has given to others and gain different perspectives on becoming more effective sharing your faith.

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Give Financially

Share the Savior is glad to receive direct donations or indirect financial support. Although not tax-deductible, here are four ways to support us financially.

  1. General Financial Gifts: Whether you make a one time donation, occasionally send a contribution, or commit to ongoing support of a specific size, your gift will be used by our ministry to meet current and future financial obligations, including staff salaries. Mail Your Donation
  2. Directed Funding: You can choose to have a specific stake in the ministry of Share the Savior. Our Directed Funding Program allows you to select one or more particular aspects of our work to support. You decide how much to donate and exactly where it goes. To find out more or to receive a current list of projects that need funding, please contact us.
  3. Indirect Financial Support: We’ve established a ministry registry at an online book store for material that could be beneficial to our work. Just like buying a gift for someone’s wedding, you can visit the site, select an item to purchase on our behalf, and it will be shipped directly to us. Visit Our Registry

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Host a Support Event

Our goal is ministry! Ministry costs! If you’ll host an event for your friends, we’ll provide resources to help them be more effective sharing their faith, and share the different ways they can support the work of Share the Savior. And as you probably know by now, we have nine different methods people can support us, and only one of them requires giving us direct financial assistance.

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Influence What People Think About Us

Through a new connection with GreatNonProfits.org, we have the capability of having people post online ‘reviews’ about our ministry. A good word posted there might be just what someone else needs to have confidence in the services we offer. See Our Reviews

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