Ever Green’s – A New PM

“It is an awesome privilege to represent the living God.  And it is a compelling motive, too.”  Michael Green;  One to One

Privilege; Motive; a new PM.  There are 175 PM’s according to one source, but we’ve added one more to a list that includes, postmaster; postmortem; personal message; plus minus (for you hockey fans) and my favorite, pain management.

Where Your PM Operates

Our lives are packed with situations where our representation of Christ is displayed.  Here’s just a small list…

  1. Waiting for a plane
  2. Standing in the checkout lane
  3. Visiting an old friend
  4. Walking through the park
  5. Talking with a customer service rep

In each of these situations opportunities to communicate with people is possible, if not mandatory, and every instance or interaction is a time of representation.  What have you done, in one of the above examples or another instance you can think of, that accurately depicted your Savior to those sharing the moment with you?



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