Ministry Partners: Forgiveness Ministries

Forgiveness Ministries is dedicated to helping people develop a lifestyle of authentic, biblical forgiveness, and helping churches become better communities of forgiveness and not just communities of the forgiven.

 How They Can Help with Evangelism

By hosting one of their Forgiveness Seminars, a church can

  • Enable their members to move toward greater emotionally and spiritual wholeness. The healthier a Christian is, the more they are able to love the people around them with the love of Jesus.
  • Expose the unconvinced in the church to the message of Christ’s forgiveness, since that’s where the most complete human forgiveness starts.

And, if you or someone you know would like to major in the forgiving behavior of our Savior, don’t wait for your church to schedule a Forgiveness Seminar. Visit their website and find out when one will be held near you.

For more information about Forgiveness Ministries, you may also contact the founder, Steve Diehl.

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