Boldly Barna – Our Role in Evangelism

Listen and listen closely…this has meant as much to me as nearly any other teaching on evangelism.

“The evangelizer plays a role in the conversion process but will not be held accountable for the choice made by those who hear the gospel.”

So says George Barna (Evangelism that Works) and some would say so what?  Here’s what struck me about that idea when I first encountered it.

My faith in Christ’s death on the cross has saved me and I will be with him forever when I die.  That’s something I want to tell my friends about.  But if I knew that the eternal destiny of someone depended on the quality of my evangelism, I’m afraid I would remain silent.  That type of failure is not something I could deal with.

But that’s not the situation at all.  It’s God’s responsibility to bring them to faith; our only task is to tell the story in love and make sure we explained it clearly.  Now that’s a task I can get excited about.

What about you?

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