The Beneficial Belben – What Jesus Saw

It doesn’t take much to realize that Jesus saw people through hopeful eyes; just take a look at his choice for disciples.  According to Howard Belben, in The Mission of Jesus, “when we say that Jesus saw people as the might be, this is another way of saying that He believes His own gospel.  “I did not come to invite virtuous people, but sinners,” He said (Matthew 9:13), and He knew that lives could be transformed, that the worst could become the best.”

That has practical application in evangelism, as he points out in his book.  If we are trusting Christ for the work of evangelism and he believed people could be changed, then we must believe the same if we are to fulfill the mission God has given us.

Without hope, we will quit before the job is done.  Whatever the task, hope is the key to completion.

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