Salt Shaker’s – Be Salty

“Jesus tells us in the Sermon on the Mount that we are the salt of the earth.  And he challenges us not to lose our savor – our saltiness.  This means – among other things – that we are to be active in the world as his representatives.  We are to get out of the saltshaker and into life itself.  Not to be trodden down, but to be zestful witnesses to Jesus as Lord and Savior, as the one who gives life and meaning to a dying world.” Rebecca Manley Pippert, Out of the SaltShaker

It’s instructive that Jesus used salt to describe us.  Salt has a great history of use in God’s created world and when mentioned in Scripture is likely understood universally.  Even though some of us act more like cayenne pepper, much to the distaste of our friends, God is looking for saltiness among his people.

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