Drama on Craigslist

One Easter, I posted an article online sharing the Christian message of the holiday, and placed ‘ads’ on Craigslist encouraging people to read it.  Here’s the text from one of those ads.

Do you think Jesus and the Easter Bunny are myths?  Our furry friend, the Easter Bunny can seem more believable in many ways than Jesus Christ.  That does not necessarily make Jesus a myth however.  I encourage you to read The Easter Puzzle…if you want to learn more about this Jesus.

One day I got this reply from someone who read an ad on Craigslist.

“Jesus is a myth, just like the Easter Bunny.  Please stop posting your crap on Craigslist, you’re not getting my money.”

What could I do next? That’s the question I asked myself and one I’m asking you now.  Should I have tried to make them realize I didn’t want their money?  Is there a scripture they might have listened too?  What could I have said that would make them realize that Jesus is real?  Should I even have bothered answering?  What do you think would have been a good reply?

In upcoming blog posts, I’ll finish the rest of my story, ‘Drama on Craigslist’, share some of the answers we’ve received from readers in the past, draw some conclusions from your comments, and give a few practical ways you can implement what’s been learned.

Text of the original “Easter Puzzle

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