Practical Principals

In April of 2010, I emailed an online friend, and he replied the next day.  It had been nearly four years since I’d last heard from him, so there was lots of catching up to do.  Since our initial contact, he’s told me of his hobbies, retirement plans, health issues in his family, and a lot about where he is spiritually.

That’s Practical Principal #1 – Evangelism is more about People than it is a Process.  I’m called to love people, and when I do, I’ll stick around even if they aren’t loving me back.  When they demonstrate a need that I’m able to meet, I’ll bend over backward to help.  Along the way, it’s possible that God will allow me the privilege of being part of His plan to draw them toward Christ.

I’ve learned a lot from the exchanges with my friend, especially trying to figure out what would be appropriate to say, and how and when to say it.  And that leads me to Practical Principal #2 – Evangelism might be used as much by God to teach us as it is to reach others through us.  Our entire life can and should be spent learning to love others like Jesus did.

Which of our two Practical Principal do you like the most?

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