Top 10 Reasons to Prefer Evangelism over Riding a Bus – #1

The wait is over. Share the Savior is pleased to present our Number 1 reason to prefer evangelism over riding a bus…

Someone Else Already Paid the Fare

Senior citizens get a significant discount on the bus and some transit agencies give reduced prices to people with disabilities. The more common equation is, you ride, and you pay.

God sits in the bus driver’s chair, patiently waiting for riders to board, always waiving off their attempts to pay. So committed is He to this ‘no pay’ policy, that He will refuse passage to a rider if they insist on paying their fare share. As the greatest demonstration of His love for us, He has arranged for a paid-in-full pass to be placed on file with the office of His HEART (Heavenly Eternal Area Resurrection Transit), redeemable for all who request one.

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