Showdown: Love vs. ????

What is the primary reason Christians don’t share their faith more? Could it be…

  1. Other things seem more urgent
  2. We don’t know enough non-Christians
  3. People won’t be interested

Those are certainly real reasons but not the primary one, which I think is fear! That’s good news because if love and fear were slugging it out in the boxing ring for the heavyweight character trait of the world, love would win by a convincing knockout.

So what’s our training tip for you? Is it work harder to conquer fear? No…it’s grow in love! That’s why we’ve created the Do the Two Project; to help Christians become more loving. As we grow in love, the needs of those we are caring for will become more evident, and our hearts desire will be to meet whatever ones we can.

Christ purchased our salvation through love, and our evangelism efforts need to be rooted in the same motive. Regardless of how you and I go about making love more demonstrable in our lives, may the world find it in ever increasing measure when they look at you and me.

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