In the Classroom of God

We are enrolled in Evangelism 101 at the University of Love and Good Deeds. Knowing exactly what each day’s curriculum should include, it is not uncommon for God to call on one of His many teaching assistants (TAs), to share what He wants you and I to learn. God’s TA’s (who can be any person He chooses) have been busy through the years, providing me with Good News clues for sharing the gospel with those I love. Here are some of them…

  1. Feed Them Potato Chips – When I’m confronted with someone’s disbelief in Christ, being honestly curious about how they reached their conclusion, disarms them and leaves a good taste in their spirit, like the right amount of salt in a meal.
  2. Don’t Throw Salt at Them – Saying to that same person, “How can you not believe in Jesus?” is more like pouring salt on an open wound, than giving them something salty to eat.
  3. Antagonism is Not a Spiritual Gift – It’s perfectly understandable why a non-Christian would be antagonistic toward God.  They’re at enmity with Him, according to Scripture. But the Bible tells me that I should be respectful when sharing my faith.
  4. Fools Rush In – Time after time TA’s have told me they would pray, if possible, before responding to a non-Christian’s comment. My natural inclination was, all to often, to ‘let them have it’, often with both barrels. When I yielded to that temptation, I usually failed to love. Pray first!
  5. Their Thoughts Count – I know what I mean when I say something but that’s only part of the communication equation. How the listener interprets what I say or how it’s said, can be just as critical.  I need to take the time and frame my comments in a way that acknowledges their world view.
  6. Choose Your Words Carefully – It’s much harder to retract something in today’s age of instant communication than it is to say it right the first time. Be slow to speak!

We all need to listen to the TA’s in our lives and learn from them. As we do, and become more proficient at speaking the truth in love, our words will be seasoned with the right amount of salt; salt that God might use to make the listener thirst for Living Water.

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