Rapid Transit Evangelism

You can’t rely on the world to encourage you to share your faith in Christ.  You’ll have to look somewhere else.

Our local bus service has been forced to bypass a scheduled stop on their route due to road work.  That notice, posted on the bus I’m using for today’s commute, could be very helpful for someone trying to get to work on time.  But it will do nothing to point a person toward Christ.

A placard above the side windows encourage mosquito prevention, thereby reducing the spread of West Nile Virus.  It’s worthwhile news; lifesaving perhaps.  Yet it does nothing to mitigate the eternal penalty of someone without Christ.

I’m not criticizing the use of these informational signs.  They are wisely and rightfully posted.  It’s just not the responsibility of the citizens of this world to share the Savior, so reminders don’t need to be posted.  It’s the task, and equally so, privilege, of people with a citizenship reserved for them in heaven, to spread this good news.

Don’t wait for governmental agencies to prompt you to love your neighbor.  Reach out instead with the love God poured out on you at salvation and share the Savior.  Someone you love needs him!

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