Who Says YOU Have to Share?

Believe it or not, there’s no spiritual law against letting someone else do the talking sometime. If you’re timid, not sure of what to say, afraid you’ve already turned them off, or just want to offer a fresh perspective, here are two ways you can introduce a friend to the truth about Jesus, while staying in the background.

Evangelistic Festivals & Celebrations: Find out if the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association will be having a crusade near you and accompany a friend or family member to hear the gospel.

If you don’t know anyone who needs to be exposed to the message of salvation, you could consider volunteering for the crusade as a counselor. You’ll receive excellent training that will prepare you to share Christ with people attending the event.

Your Living Room: Don’t overlook the one place that can be very warm and inviting. Turn your entertainment center into a location where the gospel can be heard and discussed. Who knows… maybe God will grant a neighbor the gift of faith in front of your TV.

Want some ideas about home resources? Visit the Home Based Efforts page of our website.

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