Helping Friends Past Spiritual Roadblocks

What if your friend seems to have come to a roadblock on their spiritual journey? They may tell you they don’t want to continue discussing your faith, or even get angry when you attempt to mention anything about Jesus.

What can you say or do, when they tell you something like, “the Bible doesn’t make sense to me”? Don’t give up, because you might be surprised at some of the options you have.

Some Strategic Options

  • Recognize the power of God – Your friend’s resistance can’t possibly be greater than God’s ability to draw them toward salvation.
  • Respond by listening – Listen with compassion to their concerns and don’t feel obligated to provide an answer; God may reply using someone else.
  • Recommit your friendship – Let them know that regardless of what they choose to believe, it won’t change the bond of friendship you share.
  • Recall similar doubts – We don’t have to present a picture perfect Christianity. If you struggled (or are struggling) with the same roadblock, don’t be afraid to tell them.
  • Rest in God’s ability to save – Could your friend be farther from the real God than this man? If not, then God can certainly save your friend.

A Final Word

Your friend is stubborn in their refusal to accept the message you’re sharing, even after you’ve tried some of our strategic options. Don’t despair!

Remember, it’s not our responsibility to make them accept. God only wants us to live out the characteristics of love in our relationship with them. He is the only One who is able to draw them toward His Son and convict them of their need for the Savior. Sometimes He gives us the privilege of being part of that miracle, and that should be enough encouragement for us!

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