How to Be Clear for Christ – Part 2

In part one of this two-part series, we outlined three ingredients that can help make us clearer when sharing the gospel.

  1. Prayer – Paul was referring to the gospel when he asked Christians to “Pray that I may proclaim it clearly, as I should.” We can do the same…pray and ask others to pray for us.
  2. Perspective – Remember that being convincing is not the primary goal for the Christian when sharing the gospel, clarity is. The Spirit of God does the convincing, and much better than us.
  3. Practice – We gave three ideas you could try to practice sharing with clarity. (review them here)

Now we’re going to focus on a few more practical ideas to help you be a clear communicator of the message of salvation.

  • Revisit a spiritual discussion you had recently with someone and ask them if any of the words or phrases you used were Christian jargon and difficult to understand. If they point out any, try other ways of expressing the same idea until it’s clearer to them.
  • Write your testimony of salvation or a gospel presentation and send it to us for review. We’ll offer any suggestions we think might be helpful as our free gift to you, even if you’re not a subscriber to this newsletter.
  • Write your testimony of salvation or a gospel presentation and ask a friend if they’d give you some help. Give them what you wrote, and have them circle any words that don’t make sense to them and give it back to you. Find a different way of explaining the things they didn’t understand and give it back to them for a second review. Keep doing it until they clearly grasp everything you’re trying to say.

Prayer, Perspective, and Practice…that’s three ingredients for our recipe to help you excel in clarity when it comes to sharing the story of the cross. And here’s one more that will really bring out the best in the other three, Peace of Mind.

No one will fail to be saved because you or I are not clear enough when we communicate the gospel. That would mean we could foil the sovereign will of our great God. He just wants us to be as clear as possible.

As you wrap your mind around that, may God grant you all the peace of mind you’ll need to complete the recipe and create a beautifully clear gospel message for those who will hear about Christ through you.

* * * * *

If you’d like additional ideas about being clear for Christ, check out our article on Christianese.  And let us know if you use another method to practice clarity when sharing your faith…maybe we’ll share it with our readers.

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