God Made Evangelism Easy for Us

How would you like it if God expected your role in evangelism to include the following three things?

  1. Arousing someone’s interest in the gospel
  2. Convicting them of their sin
  3. Dying for them

Of course, that’s not what God expects of you and me at all.

He is responsible for drawing people toward Jesus and the message of salvation; the Spirit is charged with making them aware of the burden of their sin; and Christ is the only one whose death was ever enough to save them.

With as much as God has done, we can be thankful that we’ve not been left out of the picture. Instead, He has blessed us with the privilege of explaining to people how they can receive the forgiveness of a gracious God, and given us the responsibility to do so in love, with gentleness and respect, making sure they understand what we’ve said.

God’s assignments can always be accomplished, with His help!

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