It’s Not My Job!

God never intended that you or I should bear the burden of convincing anyone of the truth about the cross. Our role is to explain the message, and help them understand it, not make them accept.  When we think it’s our responsibility to have them become Christians, we’ve likely forgotten one of these three big ‘If’s.

  1. IF a friend is truly not interested when we share the gospel, it’s because God hasn’t brought them to the point of interest yet. You can be assured that the One who is responsible to create that interest is an expert at His job.
  2. IF they listen, but don’t accept their need of a Savior, the Holy Spirit has not completed his work. Explaining sin is our task, making another recognize their guilt isn’t.
  3. IF they tell you that everything you’ve said seems true, but they just can’t believe, there’s one piece of the puzzle that’s missing – faith. Without faith, which by definition is certainty of unseen things, there will be doubt. Once they receive this amazing gift, and it’s available only from God, their disbelief will vanish.

God is deepening my understanding and trust in the truth contained in these three ‘If’s. The process is helping me enjoy evangelistic opportunities more than before, and keeping me from responding impatiently with those who ‘just don’t get it.’ Where are you with our 3 ‘IF’s?

Read what the Bible says about them…

IF #1          IF #2          IF #3

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