How to Witness to a Pagan – Part 1

This short series is designed to help you share the gospel with people who embrace polytheistic religions, and much of it is written by one.

About the Co-Author

Gwydion Oak posted an article online at in 1997 to “…help Christians understand better who and what Pagans really are, and, in the process become more effective in sharing their beliefs.”

“For starters,” he wrote, “I am not a Christian. I am and have been Pagan (Wiccan in particular) for several years now.  So why am I writing this? Because I understand that believing Christians feel they have an obligation to share their religion with others…” and also because “…believing Christians tend, however unintentionally, to ignore their own strengths, and to consistently put their worst face forward when dealing with those who do not share their faith.”

About the Series

In the next few posts, I’ll be including some of Gwydion’s suggestions about evangelizing, and at times, making some comments of my own.  In this first post of the series, I want to share some of his thoughts on…

Treating Pagans as People First

“On many occasions Christians have approached me in, what was at first, a friendly manner.  Sometimes I was invited to their homes for dinner, sometimes to church social activities or services.  There was a conspicuous effort to “get close” to me, and the topic of religion came up very often.

This continued until it became clear that I wasn’t going to jump into the baptismal pool right away, and that I was firmly committed to my religion. Then the ‘friendship’ cooled off rapidly, phone calls ceased, and many times I was later treated with open hostility by the very people who had taken it upon themselves to approach me.”

Gwydion calls this, “perhaps the most disturbing tendency Pagans encounter in Christians who would share the Gospel with them, and also one of the chief reasons Christians are often bluntly considered to be hypocrites in Pagan eyes.”

Fortunately, he has not received this type of ‘friendship’ from every Christian and commendably says so.

“I have also met many Christians who value friendship, and who accept me, even if they don’t like my religion’s views.”

Then he adds something very important for all of us to hear.

“But a crucial question that any would-be missionary must ask themselves before they begin is whether they can be a genuine friend to those they would teach – and stay a friend even if those people don’t accept their message.”

Thank you Gwydion, you’ll get no argument from me on that point.

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