The Right Tools for the Task – Part 2

Do you know anyone who doesn’t watch, read about, or participate in sports?  Probably not, because according to Rodger Oswald,  who founded Church Sports International (CSI),  98% of Americans do so at least once a month.  That means nearly 100% of the people you want to reach for Christ, have an interest in sports.

What Does Sports Have to Do with Evangelism?

Wouldn’t it be great if the sports equipment people used, could be a tool for starting a spiritual conversation?  It can be with CSI’s line of Higher Power Equipment.   Whether your favorite sport is baseball, basketball, soccer, golf or volleyball, their unique equipment is bound to raise questions.  And once the questions are raised, CSI has the tools to help you explain the gospel using their sports equipment as a visual representation of the good news.  Are you in the ‘game’?

Catch a fly  and Communicate a message!

Dribble to the hoop  and Deliver the Gospel!

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