How to Start a Spritual Conversation

We talk with our friends about many topics but often struggle with finding a way to introduce our spiritual beliefs.  Well here’s an idea that we hope will help.

Find an informational web site about Christianity.  As you read the articles, think about a friend or family member who might be willing to take a look at it and introduce them to the site.  After a few days ask the natural follow up question – ‘So, what did you think?’

Just that simply, you just might find yourself in a discussion about spiritual issues, one God might use to move them toward Christ.  If you should get stuck on a question they have, turn to our own Eddie E. for help.  He’ll freely give as much advice as he has.

Suggested Sites to Try

Answers to Life’s Greatest Questions – A clear presentation of what accepting Christ means, individually geared toward men and women and specific age groups.

Exploring Christianity – Articles explaining basic Christian concepts and Christian perspectives on modern issues. – News and articles on sports with Christian information and testimonies by athletes.

Power to Change – A ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ in Canada dealing with the ‘Power to Change.’  In other words, does Christianity work.

Runaway World – A work of cultural apologetics by Michael Green.

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